Hoping to hear from you sooni'm a Alijia year old shemale who is seeking a discreet nsa fling or on going encounter with the right person.I'm looking for a friend with benefits because i find it hard to meet women & work night shift in mildura.

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"Prague local girl"


Sex And bj with condomProvides:, Fingersex, Foot fetish, Mutual masturbation, Full oil massage, BJ – blow job, Filming, LK – light kissing


Bansko / Bulgaria
Hair lenght:
Eye Color:
158 cm / 5'2''
88 kg / 194 lbs
My Goal:
I am wanting real sex
Favourite Lingerie:
Luce del Sole
Favourite Perfumes:
Red Flower Organic Perfume
Partying, Parkour, Skiing, Swimming, Martial Arts, Medieval and Ancient Histories, Philosophy, Psychiatryim here as an amateur performer, currently im looking for extra customers for extra dough as i have a debt to pay off




"Secret rendezvous"
60 Euro
"Get to know me"
160 Euro
"Let me seduce you"
260 Euro
"How about dinner"
420 Euro
"Getting more Pleasure"
530 Euro

Travel expenses included in the price within Bulgaria!


Escort Alijia Reviews

Staler: 23.08.2019 in 17:42 from Bulgaria

This girl is the greatest! Hands down the best provider that I've come in contact with. If you dont…"

Myoses: 21.08.2019 in 12:08 from Bansko

First of all let me say that if you are not in the US don't waste my tim.

Fatalistic: 25.08.2019 in 07:55 from Bulgaria

true ettu... the weights I've seen don't look anything like that but I don't exactly keep up on the fashion trends for weights LOL Were is the weights on those? They look flat to have weights in them... ~shrug~

Cradlers: 28.08.2019 in 04:19 from Pleven

extremely hot mate

Relaxers: 22.08.2019 in 01:11 from Bansko


Simeon: 20.08.2019 in 13:28

I love to learn. Yeah, I know how dorky that sounds, but it's the truth. I recently graduated from a four year university where I earned my bachelors degree in psychology. I'm not really into the.

Firewater: 28.08.2019 in 18:02

i am caring,humble and loyal.Recently seperated with my wife so am just here looking for love and care.thank you al.

Alfirk: 24.08.2019 in 21:31 from Bulgaria

Superb oral skills and a very nice body that I explored to the max. Yes, like this girl, will be back only their room is so hot AC is not enough"

Florenti: 27.08.2019 in 20:32 from Varna

;) (y)

Drseuss: 29.08.2019 in 09:15 from Bulgaria

I never thought he would lie to me like that until I recently looked in his email and found something terrible, which he had also lied about. He is not cheating on me, but he did lie. It makes me wonder what else he has lied about or has kept from me. And ever since then, I've realized I am the one always getting hurt and I begin to wonder how happy I really am. We have no trust in our relationship anymore. On my part, anyways. I've never lied to him or done anything hurtful to him.

Unfreeze: 21.08.2019 in 10:39

There's just something about girls in bikinis in the snow that gets my heart thumping! Wow!

Pollarding: 24.08.2019 in 13:57

there are like 4 more of her here

Reanalyze: 29.08.2019 in 09:28

hailing hail hia shoulder turn around look back white car short shorts black car ponytail

Parks: 25.08.2019 in 02:04 from Varna

Yeah he messed up. Tell him what you said here and talk about it with him. Get him to understand why your upset about this.

Surikov: 29.08.2019 in 12:15 from Nesebur

I went through the same thing with my ex. She gradually wanted me to change/stop certain things as the relationship went on. That just made me resentful of her and I started to withdraw from her in the relationship. And now she's my ex.

Phenacodus: 24.08.2019 in 08:42 from Bansko

even the setting up of others is faked quality time with her, and it sounds like she is just passing the time when she has nothing better to do!

Cos: 27.08.2019 in 14:02

If it honestly is making a difference in your sex life as far as frequency and quality of sex, then it's within reason to ask him to cut down on his "private time" some. But he's almost certainly going to still masturbate every now and then. I hate to say it, but it's just something you're going to have live with. Try to change your perspective on it. I really doubt he's beating off because he isnt attracted to you, so try not thinking of it in that way. I know I'd be shocked if my girlfriend told me that she thought of my masturbating as "cheating" on her. It's honestly just a time saver for me, no emotional value at all to it. To me, it no different than popping a Stoffer's frozen lasagna in the microwave instead of trying to cook something from scratch (like I know how to cook. Ha!). I still think about getting in her pants constantly even though I beat off sometimes. The two things are not even in the same universe as far as I'm concerned.

Blanca: 25.08.2019 in 03:15 from Sunny Beach

Cute little body!!!



Alijia is available also for Bachelor Party, Bansko FK – French kissing or Mummification. For more information, please ask Alijia by sending a private message.


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