I am an independ gay man looking for friendship here i am an engineer and i travel alot i am soft, gentle and humble i like the good things of life and enjoy to stay on my toes all the time.

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Vienna / Austria
Hair color:
Eye Color:
161 cm / 5'3''
80 kg / 176 lbs
fuck me
My Goal:
I am looking sex tonight
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L.T. Piver
house party, hot tub partys, 4x4ing , cliff jumping, beach partys,drinking , and lotz of other shit




"Secret rendezvous"
140 Euro
"Get to know me"
240 Euro
"Let me seduce you"
340 Euro
"How about dinner"
500 Euro
"Getting more Pleasure"
610 Euro

Travel expenses included in the price within Austria!


Escort Deuriye Reviews

Demir: 08.10.2019 in 03:23

On a second note, there was this girl he used to fancy a bit before we got together. He says he didn't but I think otherwise. I know I shouldn't do this but I have looked through his Instagram a couple of times and she has always been in his top searches. I know by now I should trust him enough not to have to do this - being insecure and unable to fully trust are both downfalls of mine that I am still trying to work on. It can just be so hard when you have been lied to so much in the past. But still, I feel guilty that I haven't respected his privacy. Anyways, him searching this girl gets to me more than anything ie. searching celebs, watching porn etc. Because he knows her, they used to hang out a bit and if it wasn't for her being into his friend at the time, maybe he would've tried to make things happen with her? But in saying that, he did tell me before he even met her that he had feelings for me. The whole thing really confuses me.

Dthomas: 05.10.2019 in 15:46

No matter how much I try , I simply cannot accept that.

Ticklers: 03.10.2019 in 14:14 from Austria

Since then? Virtually nothing. I've called her several times, she has never answered and never responded to my messages. I've sent her an e-mail on facebook telling her I miss her and what have you, and she never responded. She did have the time, however, to respond to several little messages from other guys, who are old friends that she hasnt seen in a long time, talking about how much she misses them and how they should get together.

Peccary: 03.10.2019 in 06:46

Originally Posted by ponsettia

Wizardz: 12.10.2019 in 15:05

Whatever it is that is going on isn't going to stop. His actions show this and the way he puts her first shows this as well. He is obsessed with her and it's very unhealthy.

Benoite: 12.10.2019 in 01:33 from Austria

I've always been suprised by who I lust after,I've talked with some really hot guys and just felt nothing for them,sexually or otherwise,then some weird looking guy comes along and If the energy or connection is right I'm just full of desire for them.

Trimera: 10.10.2019 in 11:47 from Austria

No big deal, I said to myself. They are just talking. In the past, she rarely talked to other guys on facebook or anything. Maybe just when she's catching up with someone she haven't talked to for years. That's normal.

Serpens: 03.10.2019 in 16:02 from Salzburg

ibt's and mound pink bikini lovely

Louther: 12.10.2019 in 05:19 from Austria

she looks good and she knows it

Vitrage: 12.10.2019 in 13:41 from Graz

Hi. tell you late.

Princox: 04.10.2019 in 08:27

Whatever. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I agree with WWIU, something is definitely off here.

Mcguire: 11.10.2019 in 19:30

See Dave, it's all human nature. Hormones make us want to be with the opposite sex. We may not have control over our desires, but we have control over our actions. Thoughts may also be controlled to a point. Dave, this is something YOU need to work on. It's called control. You will never meet a lady with your outlook on women in general.

Cirulli: 04.10.2019 in 01:42 from Austria

SHE IS PERFECT sry caps =D

Winfred: 07.10.2019 in 13:58

Ugh I forgot how perfect this girls ass is. That is the perfect nice thick bum!

Bereft: 03.10.2019 in 09:56 from Braunau am Inn

blubing blurbing ..def.

Nemec: 10.10.2019 in 03:04 from Austria

Same here, I am anxious and she is secure.

Halbert: 08.10.2019 in 22:35

Hi..I am looking for a long-term relationship, dating and the occasional hooku.

Sympathy: 11.10.2019 in 10:10 from Burnn am Gebrige

Bed laying Plaid rbb braces smile

Kember: 13.10.2019 in 02:05 from Austria

Do you feel that the less attention in the relationship is because it is secure/comfortable (comfort zone)?



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